I'm engaged, la la la!

Being proposed to is one of the most fun things that can happen to you.  I highly recommend it!  I'm recently engaged to the most wonderful guy I know.  Groom and I were friends for a year before we started dating.  I totally bullied him into dating me.  Once the making out starts, it's time to have "the talk."  Ours included a "we are such good friends that we don't want to ruin the friendship even though we are already making out" discussion.  So we still have a get out of jail free card so that we don't mess up our friendship.  We joked about his after Groom proposed, but it still holds true. 

Anyway, more later about the proposal, about Groom, and about how this whole crazy event will take place.  I've already had a few minor freakouts, and I'm sure there are more in store. 

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