House vs. Wedding

We live in a city that is notorious for its ridiculous real estate prices.  However, a few people (I thought a bit unkindly) have mentioned that we should skip the wedding, elope, and buy a house.  These folks vary from new homeowners to long time homeowners, from people who are not married, to those who didn’t foot either their downpayment or wedding expenses themselves. Is it silly or a little selfish to think that we can do both?  We don’t have a giant downpayment ready just yet.  (The average 1-bedroom condo starts at $300k), but we do have a general idea of how to pay for a wedding.  We also know what we could spend on a mortgage, if only that downpayment thing weren’t in the way. 

I do think that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and something deserving of celebration.  How big that celebration needs to be is a variable.  I feel like I can alway buy a house, but the market is good for buyers right now.   OR are weddings just a silly waste of money, and I should go for the investment, since anyone who has picked up a bridal magazine knows that there is not ROI on flowers or an open bar (well the open bar comes with happy friends).

Is there a way to do both?