Intimidation sets in

So I have jumped head first into the realm of bridal blogs.  And now I am terrified.  I have not been planning my wedding since I was 12.  I just started a few weeks ago.  I always thought it was nearly illegal to read wedding mags before you were engaged, and now I just feel unprepared. These people are so creative that I actually feel intimidated, and now have no idea where to start.  How do people come up with these amazing ideas?  There are themes and great color schemes, creative floral work, and little touches that I am just not sure I know how to come up with. 

My first thought is to shamelessly steal these ideas, but does that mean I'm not creating a "meaningful" wedding?  Should we have a favorite tree or flower or whatever else people theme their weddings on? 

I feel like my taste and creativity and ability to create meaning for 150 people will all be called into question.  I'm afraid of having people say to me, "oh, but I don't like seafood, so you really can't serve crab cakes" or "what do you mean you aren't going to have a [insert tradition I don't like here]" or the really don't want to wear a white dress (I really don't). 

All I really want to do is to celebrate how great Groom is and how lucky we are to have found each other.  I'd like to have some great food and show off my hometown a little.  I want to dance with Groom as much as possible.  I would also like a pair of obscenely-priced shoes, since when else will I have as good an excuse to buy them.  That's really it.  Now if I can just decide on my color scheme.  Sigh.