Why I'm having my own wedding

Let me preface this with how much I adore Groom.  He's the greatest person I know, and my perfect foil.  That said, we are having seperate weddings.  I'm almost not kidding. So I spend a lot of time doing things the hard way, the non traditional way, or just like to mix it up a bit.  However, I also fancy myself a hell of a hostess, and am REALLY excited about putting together a wedding.  It's a big fun party with lots of moving parts -this clearly appeals to my organized (read: bossy) side as well as my creative side.  So while I have this really fun party idea in my head, it does skew a bit traditional.  You know, a ceremony, a reception, some good food and family and friends.  Traditional but fun, smallish, affordable.

My beloved would like to invite 500 people and maybe a really good band, particulary Bruce Springsteen if possible.  He is a collector of people and doesn't want to leave anyone out. 

Okay, that's cool...  Oh.  He's serious.  He really does want to invite 500 people.  Now I'm envisioning the high school keggers we used to throw in midwestern corn fields to accomodate this many people.  There is no room for the clever little touches I am filling a notebook with. 

And the shocking part to me, is how completely mad I got at him.  I mean really really mad.  Like, have your own wedding, I'm not coming to yours mad.  (This is not an uncommon theme when we fight.  We have also considered having our own apartments next door to each other). 

So now I'm calm, and believe that I can come up with a reasonable answer to this.  I get that Groom isn't trying to lead us to the poor house, he just really does not want to leave out anyone.  He's really inclusive and genuinely loves giant parties.  I prefer smaller parties so that I have a chance to talk to everyone and can make everyone feel wanted and welcome.  These are not necessarily opposing viewpoints.  For both of us the bottom line is our friends.  We're lucky to be loved by a lot of people. 

So if I'm wearing corporate logos on my dress, and I ask you to bring your own food to this giant, yet warm and friendly event, don't judge.  We did it to keep the peace.  You can visit us later in our next door apartments.