This wedding brought to you by...

So Groom and I are chatting last night about life in general, and particularly how to pay for our wedding. We are in a weird situation - Groom is in the "big show" as far as our industry is concerned.  It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime (so sweetie, that means not again.  Unless it's for me or a dear friend) However, this has impacted our financial situation, in that we can't both put away the type of savings we'd like to, plus we'd like to buy a house, blah blah blah..

Well, another resourceful bride found a solution to the crazy expense that is a wedding.

After a little creative use of company time (aka google searching at work), I found that some people are very sensitive about this issue.  Apparently the VA bride isn't the first to think of this.   These baseball fans also had their wedding sponsored.  Star Jones did, but now the vendors want their money back.

Is this a good idea?  Would it be weird if my bridesmaids and I looked like the Daytona 500 coming down the aisle?  Who knows, maybe then I could have Tom Colicchio as the wedding caterer.  Interesting concept, but I'm just not sure this is the route I want to take.