Still Dating

Groom and I went on a date on Friday!  It is always a big deal to me to get to spend time alone with Groom, since he has been living in Chicago for the last 15 months.  Actually, about three and a half years of our five year relationship have been long distance, so spending time together is sometimes challenging to schedule in, but is so important to both of us. 

We went to my favorite restaurant, a place Groom hadn't been to yet.  It was fun to show off a place I found on my own and have adopted (apologies to the owner: Justin I promise to set you up with my GIRL friends :) ).  I think Groom was showing off, since he ordered us Prosecco to start, then a Rose with apps, and a bottle of Burgundy with dinner. It was a long, relaxing, indulgent fun meal.  

Apart from the amazing food, just talking to Groom was wonderful.  We talked about our future in a way that we never had before.  Prior to being engaged, I think we would toss out our ideas and goals for the future in a very self-centric manner..."I want to go to grad school, I want to run for office, I want to live in Portland" etc.  There was some consideration of the other person, but only in a very vague way.  Now we can talk about our future goals in terms of how we can help each other achieve these.  And maybe this is not a new concept for other couples, but for me, I really feel a new sense of connectedness to Groom since we have been engaged.

 I love this! I love that I am part of a team.  We always said we were a team, but now this seems to take on a new, stronger meaning.  It's exciting and really fun, and dating my fiancee reminds me of why he's my favorite person.  So Groom, I adore you.  Thank you for a wonderful date.  Can't wait to see you next!