In-Law Summit: Recap

Success! This weekend was short on drama, and long on the goodtime bonding.  Sorry, no fireworks apart from the ones in the sky...which is a good thing! After a long day of travel, Groom's parents met my mom and her partner (boyfriend sounds silly) at mom's house,  before we all went to a gigantic feast at one of the restaurants I was considering for either the reception or rehersal.  We did a tasting meal, which had two missions.  1) do I want to hire these people for the wedding and 2) everyone has to share, so everyone has to participate!  It was a fun ice-breaker, and groom's sister added to the fun by asking the parents for embarrassing childhood stories.  I swear, this was the moment the parents were waiting for! Both sets were happy to share (one of us may have may have followed a "little person" around a shopping center when we were little, but I'm not saying who...)

The next day was the 4th of July.  My mom's family came over for a fry-out (that's WI-ese for BBQ or cookout), and met Groom's family.  They all got along so well!  It was a really wonderful afternoon.  I wish I had more dramatic stories, but the most drama may have been in the beer bottle frisbee game. 

My hometown turns into a vision straight out of a Normal Rockwell painting on the 4th of July.  My mom's house is across the street from a park, known as the Bowl.  The whole village wanders over to the Bowl after their own cookouts.  They set up their lawnchairs and listen to a band play patriotic and Americana show tunes.  Kids chased each other, and the adults chatted with longtime friends and neighbors.  Groom's parents joined in the fun and watched the band play.  After a salute to all of the people who have served in the armed forces, the fireworks begin.  It was really idyllic.

Saturday morning begun with a field trip to the toilet museum.  After lunch at a potential rehersal dinner location (Groom's parents have generously offered to sponser this event), we toured the county scoping out a few wedding locations.  I'm so excited that Groom really likes my first choice for a wedding location!  The parents all rode in one car to our destinations, and I suspect there was some bonding going on.  The next day my mom kept saying, "well, Groommom said...."  I think they really enjoyed meeting each other. 

The weekened was great. Even Groom got into the wedding planning mood! (To be fair, he's still swamped with his "Chicago project") I think all my worrying was for naught.  I'm so glad they met before the weekend, and are all on the same page as far as wedding stuff goes.  I think this will make all of the planning more pleasant and a lot more fun!