An Airfare to Remember

This article in the Washington Post came along at just the right moment. Groom mostly lives in Chicago. Well, he moved there last March for an amazing temp job, but still keeps most of his stuff at our shared place in Washington DC. Just this morning, I was complaining, along with the folks interviewed for the Post article, that the cost of flights is ridiculous. Last year, an 8pm Friday to 6am Monday flight was $188, direct on American. I found a flight for $299 for this same trip today. This is really irritating. From the article, this is who I should blame:

The price of jet fuel has risen 102.4 percent since last July, according to the International Air Transport Association. As operating costs increase, so do travelers' expenses.

I don't have a car, so I've not been affected by rising gas prices...unless I want to leave the District. Luckily, the end of Groom's project is in sight, so we don't have to keep forking over obscene amounts of cash to various airlines forever. I see two more trips to Chicago in my future. Two very expensive plane tickets left. Come November, Groom and I will share a zip code again! Hooray!