This weekend, I was GOING to work on my paper and do nothing else. I'm very productive when I procrastinate, and I cleaned my entire apartment, including doing all of the laundry and properly organizing my closets and shelves. I also scared the hell out of my pup with the vacuum cleaner (she hid under my bed). However, I had an overwhelming urge to make the place more "mine." I've lived there for 2 years. Anyway... I was having dinner with my lovely friends that evening, and so I talked one of them into taking me to Target first (thanks again!!) I did the Target trip instead of the Fancy Furniture store trip because it turns out weddings are expensive (and also our DC Target is still new, and it's a huge novelty to not go to the burbs for a Target trip) I swear, I bought a few things, and it has revamped my whole apartment!

I bought a new book shelf. Now this is one area I recommend splurging on instead of buying a $30 one from Target. (NOTE: I am looking on the Target website, and I can't even find said crappy bookshelf, but instead see a lot of cute ones. Will have to upgrade.) I'm certain it will fall over in a few days, and I don't think it's because of my faulty construction job. (That is a WHOLE other story! Who writes these directions?) So now I have created a little women's studies library for myself where I hang out with my lap top! This is so exciting!

I also bought a few throw pillows, which really tie the room together (that's for you Groom). Also exciting, I finally framed this amazing painting I bought in San Juan, on our celebratory, yay-we're-engaged-I-turn-30 trip.

The weird thing, apart from all of this being a way to put off writing, is how much I love my apartment now. I mean, it wasn't bad before, but I don't think I had really done any type of new nesting. Ahhh, the little things.