Off the Grid

Ladies and gentlemen, Groom and I have a plan! Since we got engaged in April, we've been tossing back and forth ideas, fighting over early versions of guest lists, and trying to come up with a wedding that is us, but not necessarily "wedding-y."  We had plans for small and fancy (but then we have to cut out our friends!  This sounds boring!) or enormous (In 6 years I've never heard you mention that person - why are they on the list?).  We've considered eloping - only in passing, or moving the wedding back a year to save more money.   But finally we have come up with an idea that makes us both really excited.

Mom tossed out an idea casually yesterday, and I mentioned it to Groom last night (wedding idea #642...what do you think?)  And we both love it! Planning will no longer the chore it was becoming. Our new plan is affordable and personal.  I no longer have to be Scrooge McDuck over the guest list because this plan accommodates  a bigger list.  We won't have to pawn all of our stuff on eBay to pay for this new plan either, which is key.  And best of all, it's a wedding that Groom and I both want to attend.

I feel so relieved that I can actually get to the planning, and no longer have to stress out over the event itself.  I have to admit, I was almost dreading the entire thing! I want to stress over fun details instead!  My stress levels were increasing because Groom and I hadn't been able to come up with a compromise, and already I feel better than after yoga.  Plus, Groom wants to be involved in planning, but has very little time to do any planning (the end of his temp job is near! 98 more days - but who is counting).   I was getting very overwhelmed by trying to make sure that everyone else was happy with our plans - to the point that I think I was the only person who wouldn't be happy with them.

This new plan allows us to be creative, have fun with the details, and make this event our own.

What is this plan?  I'm not telling yet.  It will all be revealed as we put together the fun details.  Ahhh....