Can you pass the test

So has the answer to my wedding guest list woes. They suggests that the people you invite be able to answer a few questions of the bride/groom:

  1. Name the city I am living in now
  2. Name at least two of my close friends
  3. Name my current employer and past employer
  4. Do I have any kids? (er pets?)
  5. Do you know the name of my fiance? Bonus: where and when did we meet?
  6. Do you know where my parents are and if they are still alive or married/divorced?
  7. Name at least two of my hobbies
  8. How old am I?
  9. Where did I go to college?
  10. Name my last boyfriend before the engagement. Bonus: if you can name two and why we broke up, your automatically in.

So I suspect that the majority of my family could not answer all of these. I'm also guessing that this might be a bit stringent. Also, the comments are clearly written by people who have never had a wedding, or who have never had friends. I'm not really going to do this.

PS, please don't answer the questions in the comment section! Save me some anonymity on the internets please!