Risky Behavior

My first choice for locations is not allowed.  We might have to contact the Governor of the state of Wisconsin to make it happen.  Don't think for a second that this is stopping us.  My second choice location is selling the property, and is only booking events 3 months in advance.  Super.  That falls smack dab in the middle of thesis writing and last semestering. However, I think I found a back up location, just in case the wonderful Governor can't help us.   The problem is that I cannot reserve backup site until "the first Monday of October." I'm planning an August 8th wedding. Is this crazy? Should I wait that long to reserve a spot? I'm still looking at a few other spots, mostly because I think I might be caving in to Groom's demands more than focusing on how I envision our wedding day. But that's a whole other topic for a whole other day.

I mean, if I don't get this location, we can always elope in Greece or something. (No cue-ing of wretched ABBA songs here. I am strongly anti-ABBA, thanks to a college roommate who declared Dancing Queen was her sorority song and needed to play it every morning. For three months. Without fail. )

This is stressy! I thought that once I found the location, I would be more calm, but now the idea of committing is scary. Irony, anyone? Hmmm...I've given myself two weeks to nail down the reception spot, just so I'm sure that its available next year, but I'm finding this harder than I expected. Stay tuned!