Chicago, here I come!

Yay! I'm flying to Chicago this weekend to see Groom! I haven't seen him since the parent summit over the 4th of July. While long distance dating has its downside, the upside is that I get "date butterflies" when I do get to see him. It's a quick weekend. I leave from work tomorrow to hit the airport, and then leave on the first flight out of O'Hare on Monday morning in time to make it back to the office. Getting up at 4am isn't that fun on Monday morning, but to have that extra night with Groom makes it worth it.

Because of Groom's temp job, he'll likely have to work during the day while I'm there - which means the beach, yoga, and generally being a tourist in a great city for me. But he is cooking up something for a date on Saturday night. He's been excited about this for a week. Can't wait!

UPDATE:  Um, this is why I will be going to Intellegensia for my coffee, and not Starbucks