No Date Set

I was visiting Groom in Chicago this weekend, and we came to a BIG wedding decision. We are scrapping our wedding date and moving it later. At first I hated this idea. Thoughts of how old I'll be when I get married floated through my head (so...32 instead of 31. I got over it), or that we have already told a bunch of people about a date. Groom said that I picked the date and didn't really include him in this decision, and now I was stressing out about planning. He said he didn't want me to feel like I have to do everything, and he wants to be involved too, but he can't be until November. He said this would give us more time to save for the wedding, instead of trying to fit a vague idea into an arbitrary dollar amount. He said this would give us time to decide together what was actually important to us, instead of brief arguments over the phone, thanks to our long distance status. He said he wanted the chance to enjoy being engaged, and under the current circumstances, he wasn't getting that chance.

He told me all of this after my flight touched down over late-night guacamole and civiche at a cute little place in Wicker Park. I think this is the first chance we've had to sit down and discuss wedding stuff in any sort of practical way. So while I've been teasing him about being a groomzilla, it seems I also have a few of the same tendencies.

Now I don't have to freak out, or be all stressy. We are going to take our time to plan together. I like this idea so much better.