Going to Denver!

I'm heading to Denver for my first ever National Convention! I'm so excited! I was offered the chance to go in '04, but was unable to attend. I was working for a labor union then, and the President decided two days prior to Boston that I and the other organizers could go, but we were currently in Hawaii for the union's national convention. But I watched it along side my other friends who weren't lucky enough to attend, because in DC, this is what we do for fun. We all meet up at bars for debates. We are that cool. I still haven't decided if I'm bringing my laptop for a little live-blogging. If not, I will do a postmortem once I'm back on the East Coast. If you are on Twitter (and if you are not, why not??) you can follow me there. I'm going to be doing some work for some of the women's events. Very exciting!