Day 4: DNC

I spent the morning (hungover, I'm not ashamed to admit) waiting for the passes to enter Invesco Field for the evening. The entire convention was being transported about a mile away to allow more people to see Obama's historic acceptance speech that evening. Today, I gave up on convention activities and headed back to Littleton to spend time with Groom's aunt and uncle. It was lovely to relax and spend time with these people who I completely adore. Hanging out in their back yard eating delicious things from the garden for lunch was the perfect way to recover from the previous crazy, and to gear up for the evening! THE LINE: Groom's uncle and I left Littleton via light rail around 1pm to head over to Invesco. We got off the train, and were immediately pushed into a gigantic line. Seriously, this was the longest line I had ever seen. Some reports were that it spanned 8 miles. Now, 8 miles of people in a line sounds like a terrible idea, but it was peaceful and there was this great buzz of anticipation. We stood in line for about 2 hours, but it wasn't that bad. Protesters had their own entrance, and we chatted with a lot of interesting people.

We finally made it into Invesco Field, which was really exciting. We had great seats, on the club level, so we sat in comfort, and had a great view of the performers and speakers. We arrived pretty early, but so did the other 82,000 people. We saw Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, and most exciting, and John Legend performed "Yes We Can," the one video that almost made want to switch my early allegiance from Hillary to Barack.

See it here: [youtube=]

Al Gore's Speech blew me away. I wished this was the Al Gore of 2000, or he may have been President. Future Vice President Joe Biden introduced a number of "regular" speakers. Hearing from the every day people was inspiring and brought home how needed a new administration is. My favorite was Barney Smith: [youtube=]

This was like growing up in Wisconsin, and this is changing. It's changing for so many people, and it's terrifying.

Finally, Barack Obama took the stage:


This moment was magical. It was a reclamation of our flag. It was recognizing that Democrats are also patriotic. It was acknowledging the work of people before us, and the moment offered hope for what our world could be. I was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, but this made me believe that we have the correct candidate for the Presidency.

Groom's Uncle and I treked back to Littleton. I was so happy, inspired and exhausted. I was looking forward to heading home, and making changes in my approach to my life.