DNC: After Glow

So after all of this action, I returned back to DC newly inspired. I've been involved in politics in some form since 2000, but this was the first moment in many that I was reminded why I wanted to do this in the first place. Spending time with celebrities, while glamorous in theory, also added to the feeling that there is more to this world than is currently being portrayed or promoted. The American Dream has somehow been replaced by a deep-seeded greed, and I believe this trend can be reversed. Groom's family are the embodiment of the ideal that kindness and deliberate decisions about how we spend our time and money can actually contribute to a better life experience for us all. Really, how hard is it to buy local food, consume less, and look out for other people?

Standing in line with 86,000 other people who also believe that the world can be a better place is profoundly exciting. Hearing leaders speak with a new found hope was so moving! Spending time with a family who really believes it is possible to live better with less is inspirational.

So now I have returned back to DC knowing that I can do more. I was dedicated to specific issues before this week, but now I feel a renewed sense of hope, that I too can do better.

I realize that this has spun away from being about the fun of planning a wedding, but as I determine how I want to live, it will become part of how I will be married. It will be part of how I contribute to my community. It will become part of how I interact with you, dear friends, family, and people who have found my blog. So watch for more political discussion, and know that you are not required to listen or agree with me, but I hope you will join me on this path to living better.