Don't Judge

I admit I have appallingly bad taste in television. I generally only watch Bravo (I heart Top Chef and Project Runway - how fantastic is Stella "I'm inta leath-uh!), TBS for the chick flicks on Sunday, an occasional episode of Mad Men, which I find so fascinating from a gender perspective, and one other show. I love Gossip Girl. There, I publicly admit it.  Also, I have an inappropriate crush on "I am Chuck Bass." Swoon.  However, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I think my new wedding inspiration came from the season opener. At the end, Serena is on a beach barefoot, and I realized I want to be a hippie/Athena blend at my wedding! Is that weird? Maybe not so much the concept, but the fact that I got the inspiration from a show that portrays really rich high school kids in Manhattan, well, that is a little weird.

Anyway, I had been considering red dresses and dresses with colors on them, short dresses instead of long and basically everything other than a big poufy white dress. Granted, I have not actually looked at a single dress in a single bridal or department store, because I am a big chicken, but I think I might have direction now. I think. Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. Sigh. Good thing I have plenty of time to debate this and drive my girlfriends crazy about this!