DC to Support Love!

Here in DC we often have strange rules regarding our conduct in the District. Many people outside of the city seem to be unaware that our elected members of Congress cannot vote on bills in the Congress. This is why those people who do own cars in the District have "taxation without representation" on their license plates. Had I a car, you bet I would be sportin' those. What does this mean? Well, it means the crazies who have been elected to Congress and can vote are the ones that determine things like our gun laws. However, our city council does what it can to represent what real District dwellers desire. The DCist has a post on something that I think is thrilling. If there is one thing we can agree on, readers, it is that this blog supports LOVE. It sounds like the DC Council is going to support love too! I'm so excited!

From the DCist today:

Local LGBT activists and District government insiders told the Washington Blade that same-sex marriages in the District may be approved by the D.C. Council as soon as next April.

The likelihood of this approval hinges on a couple of results this Election Day. First is the defeat of Proposition 8, an initiative that seeks to reverse the legalization of same-sex marriages in California. The state's Supreme Court struck down the ban on same-sex marriage on May 15 on the grounds that it was a violation of same-sex couples' civil rights.

The second is the expansion of the Democratic Party's majority in Congress. Even though the vast majority of the D.C. Council's members are committed to passing a same-sex marriage bill, there's still that pesky Congressional oversight to consider. A bigger Democratic majority would increase the bill's chances of survival. An anonymous D.C. government source told the Blade, "We are reasonably confident that enough fair-minded Democrats will win election to the House and Senate in November to give us the votes we need to block an attempt to overturn a marriage bill."

Sources close to the D.C. Council told the Blade that openly gay council members Jim Graham and David Catania may introduce a same-sex marriage bill in January, with about half of the remaining council members ready to sign on as co-sponsors. Neither Graham nor Catania have publicly said when they plan to introduce the bill, however.

In early May, the D.C. Council passed a significant expansion of the city's domestic partnership laws, creating de facto civil unions. Just before Pride weekend, Mayor Adrian Fenty ordered a review of the city's legal options regarding same-sex couples from D.C. who opted to marry in California.

Hooray for Love! Hooray for Mayor Fenty and the City Council!