Love in Politics

So I have listened to some of my Republican family members tell me how much they disliked President Clinton because he cheated on his wife, and more, they didn't like Senator Clinton for staying. They were also emphatic in their agreement that they would be just as upset with one of their own candidates if they behaved in this manner. Today at Huffington Post, two authors discuss the Obama relationship.

One of the greatest benefits of an Obama presidency is hidden in plain sight: the relationship between Michelle and Barack. They provide a great role model of a healthy relationship, at a time when such models are sorely needed.

For example... Imagine having a president who is not distracted from the nation's business by the stresses of secrets in the presidential marriage.

Imagine having a president who likes his partner and values her as an equal, a president who touches his wife affectionately in public and actually listens to her when she talks!

This piece goes on to examine other White House relationships - Reagans' and Kennedys', and mentions the Bush family. The authors also discuss McCain and Palin's relationships. John McCain had famously left his first wife after a car accident, and was cheating with his current wife. The National Enquirer, which is disturbingly gaining some semblance of credibility by breaking Edward's affair, is now on record with Sarah Palin's affair.

However, many of us believe we can do better.

Here's a better idea: Elect Barack Obama. That way, we get the gift of seeing two people having an easeful friendship with each other. We get as a role model two people who communicate with each other as equals and stand beside each other as true partners. If we elect Barack Obama we are electing a new possibility in our relationship lives as a nation: respect, affection and authenticity. Michelle and Barack speak clearly and openly. You know she won't bullshit you or embarrass you by playing the demure little wife. We're ready to see that kind of relationship, and we hope you are, too. The question is: are we as a nation ready to end our national addiction to duplicity, phony adoration and Stepford wifedom in the White House? If not, we're going to get what we deserve.

I have said before, that every time I see them, whether it was the few times in person, or the number of times in the media, this is a couple that looks like they genuinely like each other. This is the kind of relationship I hope that Groom and I can maintain, where ever life takes us - maybe not to the White House, but Congress isn't unrealistic. I wonder if my Republican family members will stick to their word, that character counts, and personal relationships matter when people vote. If they do, we're gonna take this election in a heartbeat.