Juno is a Hipster

So I'm in grad school and I like to situate myself in the world as a way to both admit to and reject privilege. Also, I am procrastinating, and what better way to do that then to ponder innane things, like: Am I a hipster? Are my friends hipsters? My dog is a hipster. Or do I just loathe the scary small town screamers who yell at Palin rallies and I am seeking yet another way to separate myself from that brand of evil? This is ancient, but let's review:


I feel like because I live in DC, and not Williamsburg or Wicker Park or where ever hipsters live, that there is a solid possibility that I am NOT a hipster. However, upon further analysis, I am still not sure. Obviously this is very un-hipster like to even wonder. Which might go on my unhipster list!

I have friends that many might consider hipsters...I don't think I'm as cool as they are. But I really really like hanging out with them (one just got married in a red dress! yay!). I just read an article about baby names and what hipsters might select. A friend...is she a hipster? pointed out that my dog violates #2 and #8.

Potential reasons I might be a hipster:

  • I genuinely enjoy PBR in a can
  • I have become an insufferable music snob. I heard your favorite band forever ago. Here's what I'm listening to now.
  • I work in new media - oh, and I blog and am a twitter addict
  • I am right now wearing hipster glasses, but its because I've been studying.
  • I have a crush on Ira Glass
  • I knit...but I did so before I knew it was making a comeback
  • I study women's studies but also public policy
  • I read every news source possible including the NYT, the Atlantic, and The American Prospect. But doesn't that just make me a liberal?
  • I do prefer a dive bar to a club any day

Reasons I'm pretty sure I'm not a hipster

  • I grew up in Wisconsin, and I just made meatloaf this week.
  • I have a very normal hair cut - dull actually
  • I study public policy - but also women's studies
  • I only have one pair of American Apparel sweat pants
  • I shop online exclusively, and not at any place cool. You have heard of the places I shop
  • I wear a lot of black in a very unironic, I can't dress myself manner
  • I am planning a wedding. That could actually veer toward cool because I'm starting to loathe the idea of a giant wedding....hummmm...I may have to review which list this belongs on.

Okay, lovely readers. Tell me why and why not YOU are a hipster. Or is there a more fun title we can bestow upon you. Can DC even have hipsters? By nature, we are a city of nerds...or is that why we're cool?