This is what I want

I have had a very important breakthrough at work today, and I want to share because I'm calling it a feminist moment. I told my vendor exactly what I wanted, and I am not settling for anything less. Why is this a big deal? Ladies, you tell me. How many times have you taken "almost" instead of what you actually wanted? Have you settled: for a salary, for a position, at a store for an item that wasn't quite right, an entree that was not really cooked correctly, or in your relationships? I know I have. So I told my vendor that what they had done was close, but this is what I want. I didn't use the "we", I said "I." I didn't try to soften it or to downplay how I felt about this project, and I wasn't passive -aggressive, or apologetic, or rude about it. I simply stated what I needed.

Aggressive is good in women when they are spelling it on the sidelines of a football game in high school, but this can change.   I am excited about this little victory. It was a small one, but it has made my whole day.

(uh, PS, my Google search for cheerleader in images results in porn. That was not okay)

Anyway, today's mission is to demand exactly what you want from some aspect of your life. Pick anything, big or small. It really is the only way to ensure that you will get it.