Wisconsin on politics on Washingtonpost.com

This video doesn't accurately portray the Wisconsin that I grew up in. I don't remember so many people dancing on street corners, uh, ever. But the people in the video are like the people I knew growing up. This makes me very nervous, and sad. For me, growing up in Wisconsin was friendly and people looked out for each other. I knew every person in my high school, and about half of the students in the neighboring high schools. The most trouble we could find to get into tended to involve underage drinking. It was friendly and congenial, but not necessarily worldly, and that was okay. There was little pressure to impress. I really believe that the majority of people I knew growing up are good people. I think this racism stems from a fear of the unknown more than anything else. I think that many people even feel smarter that they know about "Barack Obama's muslim/terrorist past." And many of them are just genuine racists. I find these sentiments to be growing, instead of fading, and I see it screamed from the opinion pages of my hometown newspaper. Certain people want to yell about terrorists (like a terrorist would bother to seek out my hometown on a map), discuss topics they don't fully grasp "he's a Marxist and a Socialist" (uh, those are not the same thing), and they want to put down education and the educated. These were not the values I was taught as a child, and I find it sad that I had to move to a big city to live the teachings I gained in a small town. I know not all of WI is like this, as evidenced by the poll numbers and by my own relationships with people back home. But I hope that for all of our sake, that this stronger wave of hate dissipates quickly.

Watch this video from the Washington Post (my current hometown newspaper), and no, I never tapped danced

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