Let's Talk Amazing

Andi on Graduation day I just got a call from my baby sister who is en route to Scottsdale. She's delayed in Atlanta. My mom and her partner are already in Arizona. Why did my family leave the cold confines of Wisconsin? Uh, they realized that Arizona has much better weather? No, that's not it.

They went out to Scottsdale to celebrate my middle sister's (commenter "little sister 1") graduation from culinary school!!!

Now, I say let's talk amazing, because Little Sister 1....that's weird...they are like thing 1 and thing 2! I love that! Anyhoo horton, it seems like Little Sister 1 decided one day that she really likes to cook. She has always been incredibly creative. As a little kid, she would turn ANYTHING into an art project. This really never changed - only the medium would change. So after she decided that she loved working with food, she immediately began to look up culinary schools. Shortly after that, she bought a mobile home, packed her partner and her beloved Rottie Stella (RIP 2008) into this beast and drove to Arizona, where she knew exactly no one.

I think it's safe to say that Little Sister 1 never thought of herself as a "school" person. But listening to her talk about her classes and then never hearing from her because of her intense involvement in these classes proved more to her, I think than to anyone else. She just needed to find the thing that alighted her passion, and it took a road trip and a new set of knives to do this.

Now Little Sister 1 and her partner are new home owners (this renter has house envy!), and have made a happy life for themselves in the desert.

Little Sister 1: I am so proud of you! You are amazing! Congratulations on your accomplishment! This is big. I'm so sorry to miss your big day. I'm toasting you from the East Coast!

Now if I can just talk her into auditioning for Top Chef...