The truth is in the fridge

This is hilarious! And sadly, completely true. Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino has photos of the contents in her fridge, and I mistaked it for my own. So here is my version:

Wow. I have no idea what I can make apart from omlettes with spinach. Top shelf is an apple crisp I made to procrastinate doing homework, some leftovers, and I believe that is pesto. Next shelf is a lot of eggs, some butter, ranch dressing which I put on everything - if there was in fact something in this fridge to put it on, and some seltzer. I suspect that isleft over from a party. Also, hidden in the back are a bunch of veggie broths. Next up - spinach and soy milk. However, this isn't even the good part of the fridge:

Yes, there are about 6 bottles of BBQ sauce, some random salad dressings, and nail polish. Because it is on this shelf, this can only mean that the little nail polish compartment above these bottles is maxed out. (what, where do you keep your nail polish?). Also, note the "cooking wine" on the bottom. These are clearly bottles I forgot about after opening a new bottle of win.

So, dear readers - What the hell can I make for dinner this evening, with eggs, spinach, pesto, BBQ sauce and old wine? Don't judge - what's in your fridge?

Groom, please come home and save me from take out and a sadly stocked fridge!

UPDATE:  I had popcorn and opened a bottle of red for dinner.  My only excuse is that the popcorn was airpopped, and covered in grated parm and a chili powder-mix I created.  Yummy snack, sorry dinner.