Hi. My name is Courtney, and I support Barack Obama

My name is Courtney, and I support Barack Obama, and this is why:

  • I was a staunch Hillary supporter, and if she backs him I can too
  • I believe, that as a Catholic it is my duty to make sure that I take care of those who cannot, and Obama exemplifies this.
  • I may be an over-educated, NYTimes reading, Whole Foods shopping, yoga going, totes saying, latte drinking big city liberal, but I grew up in a God-loving, gun toting, Walmart shopping, Sheboygan Press reading, beer drinking close-knit community and I believe that Obama will make sure we all can live the lives we seek to live.
  • Because McCain's health care policy is ludicrous
  • Because Sarah Palin is ludicrous
  • Because Yes We Can
  • Because women, children, gay people, people of color, senior citizens, the underserved, the homeless, students, and people like my family are all people and deserve a government that recognizes this
  • Because the Obama family is so damn cute I cannot stand it! I want a first couple that is in love - visible obvious love. That is inspiration we can all use.
  • Because I believe that America can be great and Obama believes that too
  • I want a government I can believe in

Bloggers, why do you support Barack Obama? Tagbacks are welcome!

Now for the love of all that is holy, go stand in line tomorrow and vote.

UPDATE: I voted at 7:50am for Barack Obama.

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