Thankful Thursdays

I am blatantly stealing this idea from my friend, the blogger at Feminist Wife. Read her blog. I feel peaceful just reading it! I'm thankful for A Feminist Wife Today, even though it is rainy and yukky out, I am thankful for:

Groom is home!

The fact that I didn't have to do the wiggle dance to zip my dress up in back - Groom was home to do it for me!

For Puppy Cam!!!! This is the greatest! I will be sad when they are big and have to get people. I cannot stop watching these little babies jump on each other!

rainbootsI got to wear my rainboots

Rain gives me an excuse to be brood-y and listen to Miles Davis and drink coffee at my desk

That my friends are all getting together tonight, and that I am joining them, even though I know I should be studying

I'm going to watch a few more minutes of puppy cam, then off to the event - even though it is raining out. Then I can go home and put on cozy jammies, hang out with Groom and my puppy, and knit!