Urban Living - Grocery Style

safewayA post on DC Mud has me all irritated.  Not at the blogger, of course, but at Safeway. So, all of the Safeways in DC have nicknames.  The one in the article is in a lovely neighborhood (Georgetown), and is the social Safeway.  At my last building, I shopped at the Secret Safeway - it was hidden under an apartment building and had no identifiable Safeway markings on the outside.  Currently I have, only two blocks away, the Soviet Safeway (replete with long lines for no apparent reason).  This charming purveyor of groceries regularly runs out of food.  I am not kidding.  I have witnessed first hand "No frozen goods week" and "Ran out of farm products day."  The first, was a technical glitch.  The freezers broke and all the ice cream did that awful melt, freeze, melt freeze thing.   On "ran out of farm products day,"  the entire back wall of the grocery store was empty.  I wanted to make brunch, but my Safeway had no: milk, eggs, bacon or other breakfast meats, any wrapped meats (turkey, beef, chicken in all of the various forms) or any ranch dressing.  I don't understand that last one myself.

So to hear that the social Safeway is getting a face lift before my teeny tiny little Soviet Safeway gets a full overhaul is a bummer.  We did get a few updates...um, two years ago?  But that just meant new signs, an awning and wooden floors under the aging produce. But why not a second floor, so that we could all stop crashing into each other and being forced to pretend to not listen to each other's phone calls.  Maybe some wider aisles would be nice.  Then we could all read the US Weekly's we have no intention of purchasing in comfort.  OR a two-level Safeway that had actual groceries in it.  All the time.  Ahhhh....I'm dreaming of a better day already!

This is why I'm forced to head over to the Whole Foods (Whole paycheck?) so often.