Finals - Finally

I am sorry you all had to witness my temper tantrum.  Grad school does that to people.  Anyway, meltdown aside, I just handed in a draft for my thesis proposal.  I'm really excited about it, and terrifed that my adviser won't feel the same way. So if you are starting a thesis, you may not steal my idea.  It's already in the works, and it will just mean bad karma for you forever and ever.

I'm going to attempt to create a feminist theory of organizing. I believe that women operate differently in women-only spaces, and that we are naturally drawn to these places.  I think that it is possible to look at how women gather to determine gender-based patterns, and to use these to organize on a grander scale....think organizationally.  By tapping into these actions and behaviors, I believe we can determine better ways to motivate women towards social action.

Okay, so that's the gist of it.  I am so so so excited about this project, and nervous in a way that I can't remember being about a new undertaking.  I think it's because this is a topic that means something to me personally, which I was going to try to avoid.  I worry that if I fall in love with my topic, I won't be able to be objective enough.   There are lots of other interesting aspects of undertaking this topic as an academic pursuit, which I will definitely discuss here as well.  I'll try to keep it jargon-free, mostly because that is one of my contentions with academic disciplines.

So I gave a presentation yesterday and handed in this draft.  I have to write an extra credit paper for econ, and will have to write a final exam.  I also have to knock out a 4 page version of my thesis proposal, and complete the literature review for the final version.  Also, I have to take the suggested comments from my prof and add them to the final version.  All of this needs to be done before December 12th, on various dates in between.

So lovely friends, if I miss your party, or can't meet you for dinner, know that I love you, but the worst semester ever is almost over.