Feeling Engaged

new-heartsIt's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Usually I am traveling or at the Plow, the bar in my hometown to see my high school friends. This year, Groom and I are both sharing the kitchen. I just made a pumpkin cheesecake with Frangelico and a mocha-pecan pie, and Groom is making his patented potato reduction mashed potatoes and chicken for dinner. We're just hanging out, chatting, and kissing. I'm taking a break from the domesticity while my pie finishes baking to say hello to you all. For me holidays are pretty stressy. I have to travel to Wisconsin. Until this year, I was the only family member getting on a plane to see everyone else. Also new last year was that I had a puppy who had to come with me. I'm a divorced kid, so I get twice the holiday fun in addition to having to deal with airports. It's a lot to handle over a short time span. This year, because Groom is only back two weeks it made sense for us to stay here.

I already miss the drama. I miss the talks and fights with my sisters - and the other little things we do to pass the time in Shevagas. I miss playing ping pong with my now college aged cousins. I'm going to miss driving all over the damn state to see everyone in four short days, and I'm going to miss beer for $2. That's right, two dollars. I will miss the cold and the calm, and the whole holiday thing that my family does. Each family has those things, those things that you miss when you aren't there - even if you think you won't. I'm kind of a baby when it comes to my family, and I am certain at some point I will get teary realizing that I won't be there this year.

But despite missing what I am used to, I am really enjoying spending the evening with my future hubby. I don't know what new traditions will become ours, but it will be fun creating them. This will be the most drama-free holiday I think I have had in 25 years, for better or worse. Because Groom has been absent for nearly two years, I think this is one of the first times that I am really recognizing that I am in fact engaged....and I couldn't be happier.

So Wisconsin, I will miss you madly this year, but I am beginning something new. I am engaged!