Mom, don't read this

vidcap_11dupontrobbery1201Lately, my neighborhood has gotten a bit more dangerous:

WJLA-Channel 7 did a segment on last night's 11 p.m. news about the gun crimes/robberies on Borderstan's 15th Street and around Dupont Circle: "Armed Robberies on the Rise Near Dupont Circle." They sent a camerman and reporter to 15th and R NW and filmed "man on the street" interviews with passersby. The video is available online.

Since I got my pup, I have met a lot of new people in my neighborhood - something about bonding as our doggies wrestle and we hold poo bags - but more than that,  meeting my neighbors has made a large city small.  The quote above is from my neighborhood blog, something I am proud to have helped create.  It's a small thing we are all doing, but it has brought us all closer and is making our neighborhood safer.  As I believe in doing something instead of complaining, this is one way of protecting a community.

Go out today and meet your neighbors.  They are lovely, I promise.  Then start a blog and become part of the community you live in.