Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

snow-in-kohler2008It's finally snowing in DC!  It's a light dusty snow, and it isn't sticking yet.  But hopefully it will continue and we will have a white Christmas here too. I am hopelessly sentimental around Christmas time.  Tonight I'm staying in to continue the fun that is finals, but I am making myself hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music, just because I can.  I went a little crazy last year, and spent about $80 on iTunes to indulge my holiday adoration.

I grew up in Wisconsin, and I have a million memories of snow days, shovelling, ice skating on the Falls river, building snow igloos next to our house, and getting those awful moon boots stuck in snow too deep for me to walk in as a little kid.  (Part of the reason I dispise Uggs, I suppose).  This lack of proper snow is one of the few things that make me long to live in the Midwest again.  The picture is the block in front of my mom's house.  How beautiful is that quiet, snow-covered street.

So my goal this week is to knock out my finals, and completely transform my apartment into a winter wonderland that rivals some department stores.  I have a few lights up now, but it isn't enough to satisfy my sentimentality.  Hopefully the apartment will be beautiful in time for my Cookies and Cocktails party next weekend.

Ooh, I'm getting sad - "I'll be home for Christmas is playing!  Back to my econ final - I may have to change music soon!  Or just give up and watch Elf, Love Actually, and It's a Wonderful Life on repeat.  I love Christmas!