I know, I know, where have I been.  I wish I had a good explanation for my absence, but I don't.  It is freezing in Dee Cee today.  And by that, I mean genuinely fresnow1ezing. I grew up in Wisconsin, so I find it silly when people whine about cold here.  Then I spent a year in Vegas (don't ask) which actually did ruin my internal thermometor for the following winter.  BUT today it is 17 degrees.  And while I survived Wisconsin negative twenty windchills, 17 degrees here feels really cold.  I think it is because I walk everywhere here.  In WI, I could sprint outside, trying not to slip on ice, and start my car so that by the time I was actually ready to leave it would be toasty on the inside.  In DC, could I afford parking and insurance on said car, it would disappear by the time I was actually ready to leave.  SO I walk, and I shiver.

So tomorrow is Christmas eve.  My favorite thing to do is to hang out with my sisters and watch chick flicks in our jammies.  But this year sister 1 is staying in AZ, and I am heading to Boston (tonight) to hang with the future in-laws.  I am a little blue to not see my fam.  Actually I am doing really well this year.  Usually I'm a sad, cry-ie mess if I don't get to go back to Wisco.

But Groom, my pup and I are road-tripping up to Boston instead.  This should be an adventure/semi-crazy.  Yes, we could just fly like normal people, but I am isnow-2rritated that puppy ticket prices have gone up, and I used up all of my vacation time traveling to whichever city Groom was hanging out in during the past year.  Last year I flew back to WI, was snowed in, and travel was generally miserable.  Pup was only six months old, and I was rerouted through Cincinnati, and there was no place to let her out for 7 hours...anyway, it sucked.  So road-trip it is.

I will keep you posted, faithful readers.  In the meantime, stop reading blogs and spend some time with your fam.  If they drive you crazy, rent Elf, Fred Claus, Love Actually, and It's a Wonderful Life, and make them all watch together.

Happy Holidays!