A wedding plan!

After a long car ride back from MA to visit Groom's fam for Christmas, we finally came up with our wedding plan.  I think the hard part is over - now it will be much easier to work out a budget, create menus, and do all the other fun stuff involved in wedding planning. For us, it was really all about the location.  SO we're doing a destination wedding.  This satisfies Groom's want of adventure and my desire for an intimate ceremony.  I am fearful to say vows in front of a huge room full of people - I think it is too intimate an act - so this plan sort of balances that. Actually no it doesn't, and I will tell you why later.  There is also a fun element of surprise involved - yay!

trevi-fountainWe have decided on a little wedding in Rome, followed by a big party in DC (where we live) or in Chicago (close to where the majority of our family members live).   We are only inviting our parents and sisters and what would normally be considered the bridal party to join us on this adventure.  The wedding site is already so beautiful, there is nothing I could do to dress it up using flowers, etc.

We picked Rome because we had a really wonderful trip there in 2006.  I am going to credit the fact that I threw 3 coins in the Trevi Fountain when we were there last with making sure that it was Groom that I was to marry.  There is so much beauty in this ancient city, and my family has never seen it.  I wanted them to witness this magical place too.

So I won't have to pick out bridesmaid dresses or select chair covers (I have an unhealthy loathing for chair covers), and I can put my full energy into what really matters - that I'm marrying Groom.