Buh bye 2008

celebrate-iii Happy end of 2008.  What a crazy year!  Last year I spent New Year's Eve with Groom in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Because of his job, he wasn't able to recognize the holiday until about 11:40.  We shared microwave burritos I found in the hotel lobby, and we split a bottle of "champagne" I scored at a drug store for $7.  Oh, and we had little chocolate candies, also perloined from the hotel lobby, for dessert.  It was an odd start to the year, but it was certainly memorable. 2008 was exciting.  January and February were filled with caucuses and primaries (I'm a political junkie - this was a big highlight for me).  I spent a few days volunteering in New Hampshire for Clinton and Obama ( take that Obama kids, I was a spy!  You were both door-knocking and making phone calls!  Woot!  I gave away the strategy!  yes, I was thought untrustworthy because I helped both candidates - whatevs).  I also started my second semester of grad school - and learned stats! Fun!

In February, I was honored as a nominee for the Young Women of Achievement award.  It was so exciting to be nominated by women I think are amazing.  I didn't win, but it was a big deal "just to be nominated."

palmMarch wasn't particularly memorable, but April was!  My friend Kim got married in Baltimore. I was turning the BIG 3-0, so I planned a little birthday excursion to San Juan with friends.  A few days before this trip, Groom proposed!  Yay!  ringIt was so much fun calling all of our relatives - even though BOTH of our mom's took multiple calls before we got to tell them.  Dads take the prize for being first to know.  Also, this is why you always have champagne in your house.

May was significant for finals - gaa!  Also, we took a fun little trip to Saratoga for Groom's friends wedding.  I took a lovely  summer class, visited WI for my cousin's graduation, and then in July, we had the parent meeting summit.

August was the DNC in Denver, which was completely exciting, followed by more classes, which was less than exciting.  September was more homework.  October was my friend Dave's wedding and Feminist Wife's elopement reception.  All of these months were scattered with trips to Chicago to visit Groom.

girls30November - election day wooot!  Best hangover excuse ever.  Groom moved back to DC, and we had a lovely Thanksgiving with our friends Brenda and Jason.

December was oddly warm and involved finals.  Clay and Roz got engaged.  Then Christmas in Massachusetts and actually committing to a wedding date and plan!

Wow, what a year.  That's a lot of stuff, and I am only hitting the highlights so I don't bore everyone. Lots of big moments, lots of friends getting hitched, lots of frequent flier miles thanks to the DCA-ORD trips.  Turning 30 was big.  Electing Obama was big. Getting engaged was really big. Overall I give 2008 two thumbs up.

What did you do this year?  Was it a good year?  Or are you ready to turn your back on 2008?