I Do Solemnly Swear

NO, not me, not yet!  The new president, people!! Last week was crazy in a way I have never seen DC.  We are, dcflag1admittedly a city filled with people who throw parties for State of the Union Speeches and early 8-people primary debates.  But this - this tops everything.  The inauguration of President Barack Obama was something I am certainly glad I had the chance to experience.  Experience you say?  Well, I wasn't sworn in, but as everyone who lives in the District knows, we all experienced this event. Where to start, where to start.  Remember back in August when I talked about my role for the convention?  This was a lee-tle like that, but a tad less aggressive.  The tickets - do you have a ticket?  Who has a ticket? What do you have tickets for?  Which ball? What color?  Want to trade me? How DO I GET TICKETS!  Luckily, my part in this crazy game was less of a challenge because I knew a guy. Yes, that is my official answer.




I had my (purple) swearing in tickets, Youth Ball tickets, and Staff ball tickets early, so I didn't have to panic.  More fun was coming into extras, that I was able to give to others.  I think the most fun share was giving my boss swearing in tickets - he was just so damn excited, that it made my whole week.  I did have people who I have not talked to in 8 months ask if I had extras, but since some of them lacked subtlety and style about their ask, I had to deliver to current pals first.

The actual swearing in was on Tuesday, but the parties began immediately after work on Friday.  I was smart and eased my way into the action.  Groom and I started off the week by having dinner with some friends, who are Chicago Obama supporters at Zaytinya.   Saturday was shopping take II.  I was in need of more party clothes, so I set off with a girlfriend to attack the dress departments one last time.  I am of the opinion that inauguration shopping was part of the economic stimulus that everyone was talking about, so I am proud to have done my part for America.  Saturday,   Sunday, and Monday night were all of the fun pre-parties.  I will not lie, one that I really wanted to go to, one party laden with celebrities that we had tickets to, had a very daunting line, so as dolled up as we were, groom and I hightailed it out of Georgetown, and spent the evening with friends instead.

On Sunday, I went to the EMILY's List Luncheon, which honored the newly elected women to Congress and to Cabinet positions.

Speaker Pelosi

Rep Gwen Moore (WI)

Secretary of Labor Solis

Secretary of State Clinton

This ballroom was chocked full of ladies from all over the country, who were just so excited to see what their work had accomplished.  [I'm taking this second to say that this - electing people who are not white males - is how we will actually make a substantial impact on public policy in this nation. We need new people, new ideas, and new backgrounds...anyhooo, I'll save it for another day]  I missed the One Concert on the mall, but caught it on HBO.  Then I met up with Groom at Brickskeller (most beers of any bar in the world) and friends, and had the worst service in the history of bar service.

Groom's parents were in town, from Boston, so they surprised us on Monday - clean the awful apartment day - and actually helped us clean!  So so sweet of them.  We hung out later, and prepared for TUESDAY!

I feel like this deserves it's own post...next up...