Poufy White Mess

So on my shopping jaunt this weekend, I FINALLY had the ovaries to stop into a bona fide Wedding Dress Store.  I didn't try anything on, but I did at least look.  And I think I am overcoming my wedding dress fear a little bit. Today I found this great blog post - and potentially my dream dress (see #4):

Motto- Go Short!


On my honor, I will try:

To wear a short dress at my wedding.

To help others see that this is a great option.

To obey the Short Wedding Dress Club Laws.



1. A short dress is to be trusted.


2. A short dress is loyal.


3. A short dress is useful.


4. A short dress is a friend to all.


5. A short dress is courteous.


6. A short dress is cheerful.


7. A short dress is thrifty.


8. A short dress is best!

Note- My apologies to the Girl Scouts for taking their laws and tweaking them a bit to work with this post.

PS - I lifted this entire post from Nibsblog, who I don't know, but who I am developing a crush on.

Anyway, I am hoping to start dress hunting soon.  I looked, and I was actually a little sad to realize that my wedding plan wouldn't include a big poufy white dress.  Should I still try them on, even though I know it isn't want will work?  Readers, what do you think?  Is champagne and dress shopping with the girls in my future?  I did get a little practice in with ballgown shopping...