Picking and Choosing: paper

fontsSo it's March, which means I need to start making actual decisions about our wedding.  I actually think this will be the fun part.  Right now, I'm concentrating on the paper products. I adore paper products, so this part is challenging.  I'm leaning about different paper weights, selecting fonts, and choosing colors. I have to decide which card types I want, and what I want them to say.  Groom said this was an area he wasn't interested in, which is actually kind of perfect, because its the one wedding thing I think will be the most fun (apart from shoe shopping).

I think I'm going to do a save-the-date card, but I'm not sure how to go about it.  I'm having a destination wedding, in Rome, so that would be one std  (ooh, I will not be abbreviating that again) and then another one for the wedding celebration (reception in wedding parlance)  in Chicago on Sept 26.  I wasn't going to do a save-the-date, except that I met two other women who were getting married on Sept 12, so I thought it might be nice to call dibs on the date now.

Wording on the save the dates is another consideration.  I think that the wedding celebration is just as important as the Rome wedding, and I want my guests to feel the same way - not that they missed out on the main event.

Then I also get to select what I want it all to look like.  This is really fun. I want the invites to tie together the idea I have in my head for our wedding and for who we are.  That seems like a really big order for a piece of paper, but it's not as meta as it sounds.  I see these with clean fonts, bright colors, warm, and with friendly images.  If I could find something modern and simple that also brings in Italy into the mix without being too "theme-y," I'd be a happy Bride.

Two other points:

  1. I'm purposely avoiding any vendor who says "your perfect day" or "your big day" or "the biggest day of your life" when referring to the stuff they are hocking.   This is just asking people to be crazy.
  2. I'd love to be a DYI kinda gal, but I have to write my master's thesis at some point, and I'm still expected to be useful at my day job...so that means no assembling little bows or adding rhinestones by hand or what have you.

I've already checked out the high end stationery stores in DC, and now I'm scouring the wedding blogs for better ideas.  I'm not going cheap on the invites, since its my favorite project, but I also don't think this needs to be crazy expensive.

Where did you find your wedding invites?  I'm particularly interested in crafty ladies online.  I have already hit up Etsy and have found some really great ideas.  Did you do a destination wedding? How did you word your invites?