Heaven is...

meonthebeach3Recognizing that you have 9 days ahead without a set schedule Waking up every morning early to check if it is sunny enough to go to the beach

Lying on a completely empty beach

Debating whether to go to a yoga class, or get a pedicure, and deciding to do neither

drinking a beer with friends ocean side - at noon

Fish tacos from a street stand

Overcoming something really scary to get amazing perspectivemorning-in-kauai1

A happy groom, complete with roaring fire, grill tongs and an icy beer

hippie beach communities

Good wine and great conversation


reading trashy novels about vampires

Not thinking about a single solitary to-do list item for school or work - and finally not feeling guilty about it


finding a ukulele/yarn store!  Our hobbies under one roof!

sharing great ipod lists with people who appreciate them

beach houses