twilightAdmit already...who else is reading these books?  I borrowed two of them on vacation, and I literally could not put them down.  I blame New Moon for my sunburn.  Then I knocked down the third one this weekend. Let's discuss.  They are not particularly well-written.  The story lines are completely ludicrous, and the main character is just so...seventeen!  Despite this, there is something completely fascinating about these books!  Is it the good vs evil? I definitely love the idea of monsters living among us.  That's pretty compelling.

But for the love of god and all that is holy, I want to slap Bella every 25 pages or so.  I don't buy this I love you for all eternity stuff.  It sounds like the kind of stuff you thought you were supposed to believe in at that age, but now just sounds ridiculous.  Also, if Edward is really 108 years old, you would expect him to know better.  To be fair, he does see his fellow vampires dating for eternity, so maybe it seems reasonable to him.  I love the werewolves story line - the myths of the Quilutes is pretty interesting.

I'd love to go more in depth, but I want comments, and to see if I'm the only person obsessed with these books right now.  I don't want to ruin the drama of Bella and Edward - and Jake! for you if you are reading them.  Also, I believe there is an interesting statement on gender roles to be made here, but I need to wait a day until I'm over Bella's ridiculousness.  I finished Eclipse yesterday.  Let's discuss.  The FabFeminist book club is now open.