The Perfect Registry?

kitchen-aidI received an email from the Knot a few days ago offering "Top Tips to the Perfect Registry."  I have no idea what this means.  Can I register for yarn and bacon?  Shoes? That sounds pretty perfect to me. Groom and I are still trying to decide if we want to register. We both have a lot of stuff - we already live together, and if we need plates, we go buy them.  There are a few charitable organizations that we wouldn't mind if people gave to, and there are a few political ones that we are highly supportive of (gay marriage and  literacy for kids - I read weekly to an elementary student).

It just feels a little weird to me to plan what people should buy us.  I do that with Groom (I send links and photos)  - but to do that to friends seems weird.  Plus some of our friends have to travel to Rome, and the rest to Chicago...I feel like that in itself, the gift of time, is more than enough.

Is it tacky to register for cash for a condo downpayment?  For new furniture?  For dinner on our honeymoon?  What say you readers?  Do I need to register?  Do I need to ask for china?  Or do we just leave it to the whim of our friends and family?