cakeSo I am having a bit of birthday backlash this year.  Everyone who has met me more than once can probably tell you my birth date because I am one of those annoying people who didn't stop celebrating birthdays once they turned 12.  I believe that your birthday is your own personal holiday, and you should be able to do whatever you want on that day.  I also believe that you can celebrate for the full birth date month, but at a minimum a week. I think you should tell strangers and people with the dessert menus in restaurants and bartenders that it is your birthday. Except now.  I think I finally hit the birthday wall.

I thought that 30 was supposed to be a scary milestone, but mine was awesome.  I decided to drag friends to Puerto Rico for a long weekend, and to add to the excitement, Groom proposed a few days before our trip.   I don't think I can get away with that for another 9..well, 8 years and 6 days, I guess.

31 is an adult age.  There is no getting around this.  It just sounds really old to me.  And its not really an exciting number to celebrate.  I could celebrate the fact that I am ten years past being able to legally drink.  Huh, maybe that will be the way to cheer me up:

21 me: Drink my age in shots                           31 me: Drink things that are aged

21 me: In college and bar tending                    31 me: in grad school (that's weird) but have a "real" job

21 me: paying $325 in rent                               31 me:  paying 6 times that and saving for a down payment

21 me: suffering very sad break up                31 me: planning wedding

21 me:  hoping to travel                              31 me: traveled for 2 jobs to about 35 states, lived in 4 cities, went to Italy

21 me: sisters are horrid people                      31 me: adore my little sisters

21 me: feeling trapped in small town              31 me: feel content that if I'm trapped I can do something about it

I think my 21 year old self would think my 31 year old self was more interesting than she expected.  That actually made me feel a lot better.  Now I wonder what 41 will be like?  Will I be covered in kids and living in the suburbs (well, I can handle the first part, but not the burbs part)  Will I live in more cities, or will DC be my home?  Will I be working on my PhD then?   Interesting...

For my birthday present to myself, I'm trying the 30 days of yoga challenge at my studio.  I started today.  Let's see how this goes, shall we?