Hooray! It's National Grilled Cheese Month!

grilled-cheeseThanks to Chicagoist for alerting me to this very important holiday:

In April, we celebrate grilled cheese, we eat it with tomatoes, please. Sometimes we like apples, too. Maybe one, maybe two.

On wheat or rye or pumpernickel, with you, grilled cheese, we are not fickle. We'd eat you if you were on a pita even if you used Velveeta.

Our love for you cannot be broken, our love for you is often spoken. Now listen to some favorites here some best eaten with a beer.

Tell us your favorite way to eat this fine food you cannot beat and if you manage to make it rhyme, you will be grilled cheese sublime.

Rob Christopher: With pesto and mozzarella on thick, rustic bread, buttered and then grilled. And yes, cut into triangles.

Jacy Wojcik: On days when she cares about her lactose intolerance: Gluten free brown rice bread, soy/rice cheese. Fry in olive oil on skillet. On days when she doesn't give a damn: Buttered Sourdough bread, asiago, cheddar, swiss cheeses, some tomato and basil, fry on skillet in olive oil until light brown.

L-Stop: Not picky. Melted cheese between buttery, browned bread. It's all good. Thin sliced tomatoes are awesome in it.

I prefer mine with tomatoes and sometimes bacon.  But it needs to have pickles and tomato soup on the side.  Nom nom nom!