One year ago today...

Today is our Engagement Day! Yay!  One year ago, I messed up Groom's attempts at proposing twice before he was actually godfatherable to propose. I could link back to when Groom first proposed, but it's a fun story.  We were coming back from a friend's wedding (Happy Anniversary Kim and Josh!!) in Baltimore, and Groom was going to pull over on the side of the road and propose to me.  This, because right after we first met, Groom rescued me when my '91 Ford Escort (Note: this was 2002 - I loved that car) blew a tire on the Baltimore beltway.  But I may or may not have had too much to drink at the wedding, and fell asleep on the ride home.

juniper-thor-iii1Then, we decided to take our pup to the makeshift dog park - really Logan Circle - where she decided to make friends with everyone in the entire park.  Groom was going to ask me once we had a moment alone on this lovely spring Sunday afternoon, but I was whining about getting homework done, so we left.  Strike #2.

Finally, with me slogging over a final paper, and Groom torturing me by watching our favorite movie - Godfather II, he asked me to come over by him, in the living room (okay, the couch - we have an "open" plan).  He said lots of mushy stuff that my brain immediately forgot due to excitement.  But I do remember the key phrase - he promised me lots of puppies and babies, and said that he wanted to marry me.

That was really fun.  I think we will have to drink champagne tonight again! celebrate-ii