Wedding Update

We have movement!  The Save the Dates arrived from the fantastic designer I found on Etsy.  Brides-to-be and any one else, this site is amazing.  I will post a picture of them and give credit to this great Etsy crafter once they are dropped in the mail, which should be next weekend. shoesGroom is working on our web site, which I will need his a-okay to link to, since he likes to remain hidden from internets view.  Otherwise, I'll just tell you the deets.  I think I found my wedding outfit, and if I do pick this dress, my shoes will cost twice as much as the dress....but these shoes make me swoon.

Our Chicago reception location is finalized, under my budget and is fantastic.  The only problem is that our guest list currently has about 70 more people on it than would fit into the idea scenario set out by our host.  We are trying to think of creative solutions to this - because I do not want to start slashing names, bleeggghhh.

Anyway, that's all the news that I can reveal now.  I'll share more once my guests get the scoop.