Finding your purpose

I found my purpose.  Does that sound strange?  Maybe so, but I do a lot of yoga, and things come to you when you are bent in weird positions, focusing on breathing.   I was reading an article in this month's Yoga Journal, entitled "Go Your Own Way."  The author, Sally Kempton,  was discussing commitments, and how it was difficult for her to find something worthy of committing to.  Certainly, one would think that I would immediately consider my relationship with groom when confronted with such an article. Instead,  the author discusses a variety of commitments, including something she called a metacommitment. Kempton describes this as:

"a vow you make with your own soul, with that part of your being that underlies your personality, the part of you that connects to the eternal."

She listed these as examples of a metacommitments:

  • to love in all circumstances
  • to be of service
  • to make beauty
  • to be compassionate
  • to help make the world better

and the one that hit me - really jolted me was:

  • to make community

This is my purpose.  As I look at the various activities and things that I do, the single thing I enjoy more than anything else is to build community. It only makes sense - in obvious ways - my boozy baking holiday party, where I bring together lots of cool women for an afternoon of making holiday cookies, or JobsthatareLEFT, an organization I started to help young progressives meet others and find jobs, or the way I love to play matchmaker with anyone I meet.

Moving forward from this lightning bolt moment, I realized that I need to center all of my activities around community building to really feel fulfilled.  I am on a mission to make this happen.  I have something in the works that I am excited to talk about, but will have to wait a bit longer, just in case that will exemplify this metacommitment, and I think, will bring great joy to each day.

Wedding planning is another form of community building.  Groom and I are bringing together people from various aspects of our lives and forcing them to hang out together.  Already I have in my head who I am excited to introduce to who...this, before I even started picking out the invites.

I believe that for me to be truly happy, then I need to grasp on to this metacommitment and allow it to define me.