Wedding Update

Finally!  My save the dates are out of my hands, and now on their way to our wedding guests.  I need to give a great big thank you to my designer, who I found on EtsyPinkLillyPress designed and created these fantastic save the date cards. I definitely recommend her - go order stationery or something from her today! Save the Date

I apologize for the bad photography...also, Groom made me black out his name, because "that shit stays on the internet forever," so you will just have to imagine a dude's name in lovely modern and simple font following mine.

I wanted something simple, with clean lines, that was modern.  I didn't want anything too flowery or too "wedding-y" because it just isn't me.  I love the giant ampersand - it just feels like Groom and me...we're a team.

Jennifer designed two cards for me - one for the party in Chicago, and then one for the wedding in Rome.  The wedding is small, so we included Rome guides with each of the wedding party's save the dates.  I thought it was a nice touch.  I also over-ordered these books, so if you are going to Rome anytime soon, let me know, and I'll send you an extra.

I am in the process of working on the text for the wedding invite, and I'm going to have the fantastic Jennifer of PinkLillyPress design these too.  Actually, I barely do anything - I just nitpick and Jennifer really does all the hard stuff.

We've got the reception menu almost finished, we have hotels blocked for Chicago, and we have nearly finished the website, despite that we launched it anyway.  It will be fun to add new stuff to keep it interesting for the next few months.  Alas no link to that, because Groom's name and face are all over it. We are still waffling over the actual location of the wedding in Rome, but we are leaning strongly towards one place, and will be able to order the invites then.  This wedding train is rolling!

More details to come...once we come up with them...