RANT: What's goin on

In the past week, I find the world I live in being attacked by a number of displays of anger and hate, and the worst part of this is that it seems to be coming from the same place.  The voice of religious conservatives, a small but loud part of our nation's fabric is somehow taking over in ways that I cannot fully understand.

  • In Washington DC, a Latina woman was nominated for U.S. Supreme Court and the backlash is nothing but racist, sexist hate
  • In California, some people can be gay and married but most people can't be both gay and married
  • In Kansas, a Doctor was murdered in his church, while his wife sat in the choir loft

I am having a really difficult time when the loudest of these groups claims to be religious, but then uses this same cross as their weapon.  I don't understand how they missed the "Love your neighbor as yourself" lessons that I remember from religious education classes as a young Catholic.

I am horrified at the brand of hate being spewed by people given microphones, camera time, and billing on national news stations.  Not one of these talking heads has taken a second to examine Ms. Sotomayor's record - they are examining her gender and race and using this as ground zero for commentary.  Convicted criminal-turned radio host C. Gordon Liddy actually stated (From Time's Swampland Blog):

LIDDY: Let's hope that the key conferences aren't when she's menstruating or something, or just before she's going to menstruate. That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then.

I remember reading about things like this in women's studies classes, but did not believe that I would actually be present for the moment in history when people still uttered things like this. Attacking Mr. Sotomayor's past record on the bench is one thing, but these commentators are attacking her very being in the most base manner possible.  Claim that you are conservative, and that you are in opposition to her past rulings. Claim that she lacks the experience to be a Justice - as if this were true. But do not use your stance as a conservative person to say that SHE as a woman of color should not be a Justice.  You should do better than that.

I do not understand when it became acceptable to not only dislike gay people but to actively discriminate against them. I am sick of the stupid Adam and Steve line.  Why is one passage about sodomy always quoted, but not the line about all of us being created in God's image? Everything I have ever read about policy has been to encourage a family unit.  Marriage is a standard issue part of the economic model that Americans have been encouraged to enter into for as long as we have been a nation.  So it is completely perplexing to me as to why, when there are people who are committing to each other and love each other, would antiquated laws remain in existence to hinder this capitalistic state of being?  And to use religion as a reasoning against perpetuating new families or as a tool against love does not make any sense to me.  The fact of the matter is that we are creating separate classes of people.  In American history, we have already done this and have seen the long-lasting pain that creating separate classes causes.  To continue to behave in such a manner is unacceptable.

I cannot wrap my mind around groups like Operation Rescue that do not trust women to make difficult decisions about their own body.  I cannot comprehend how murder is the answer to being more supportive of life, or how anyone can use the bible as the reasoning behind this.    I want someone to explain to me how killing a father of 4 is protecting the sanctity of life.  I want to know who gets to decide that a fetus carries more value than an adult woman.  I have news for these people - abortion is a legal act in the United States.  It is as constitutionally protected as your right to bear arms and your right to practice your religion, or any of the other reasons you wave your flag and scream at liberals.

I'm upset.  All of this has hit at once, and in too strong a manner.  I will not accept religion to be used as an excuse to hate or attack others.  And those who do need to consider what their faith actually means.  I have found my own small ways to fight back, and it won't involve the hate that these so-called Christians try to masquarade as faith.