Wedding Season: Youre doin it wrong

bridegroomI think there comes a time for every bride to be when she experiences some sense of doubt about her own wedding.  Often this comes from reading one too many issues of Martha Stewart Weddings or from watching anything on WE (here's looking at you Platinum Weddings), or from the inevitable wedding season. Dear reader, if you are anything like me, you have been attending, on average, 6 weddings a summer since you turned 25.  As I make the travel arrangements for these events, "everyone else's weddings" can start to feel like a part-time job.  BUT I recognize how lucky I am to have friends who consider me dear enough to attend their public display of permanent affection. And in a strange twist of fate, it is these recent weddings I have attended that have helped to get me over my own, decidedly self-inflicted, wedding insecurity.

I go to these beautiful weddings and I hope that mine will measure up.  I wonder if it's okay that I didn't hand-print all of the invites myself, or that my dress will likely come from a department store, and not a bridal salon.  I hope that people won't mind that we couldn't afford a band, but that they love my painstakingly organized iPod play list.  I hope they love the fantastic dinner party that we are hosting at one of our favorite date places in Chicago.

Luckily I have been to enough other weddings, and none of them have actually been alike.  Sure, in every one there were two people, and there were vows, but beyond that, each of these events reflected the couple getting married.  Whether it was a beach- front wedding for two women with a killer DJ, a black-tie event overlooking the United States Capitol, or a party with a sandwich bar where the main event was really the boozing, each of these weddings were weddings - and were just right.

This summer - yes I know it's barely June - I have been to three weddings, of which each of them had elements that were perfect and wonderful.  There are probably moments that the couple might have wanted to be different, but I didn't notice, because I watched people I love declare their love for each other.  I danced and met new people and cried at the fact that two people picked each other and told everyone they know that they chose the other. I love love love weddings, and I want thank those that did this before me for making me realize that even though I have a strict budget and won't have some of the things that those stupid Platinum Wedding people have at their wedding, Groom and I will have a lovely wedding.

The moral of this story is that you can't have a bad wedding.  I have never been to one, and I suspect that mine won't be the first.