New Focus

LiviaHello, readers, I am back.  I am married!  So in honor of this big life changing event, I decided to revamp this blog, and what I write about.  I'm calling the blog "Livia Speaks" in honor of a very interesting political figure in Roman history. Livia was married to Tiberius Claudius Nero, who was fighting against Octavian, then Ruler of Rome.  Her family was forced out of Italy, but then came back after a truce.  Then Livia met Octavian,  and Octavian dumped his wife, and forced T.C. Nero to divorce Livia so she could marry Octavian.   Livia was married to Octavian for the next 51 years, and she figured out how to leverage this marriage into her own power.  Once T.C. Nero died, Livia's two sons with him came to live with her and Octavian.   Octavian, then renamed Augustus, was widely believed to be guided, politically, by Livia.   When he died, he had "adopted" Livia into his family lineage, so she was known as Augusta Julia, which became the new term for Empress.  She essentially made sure her sons rose to power so she could rule through them - and maybe there were a few mysterious deaths that made that path a little clearer.

So while she was never officially the ruler of Rome, it is widely believed that she guided the Roman empire during the reign of two of its leaders.

Anyway, so I'm fascinated with Roman history - hence the Rome wedding - which I'll chat about soon, so in honor of that, Livia Speaks is the new name of this blog.

I'll be writing...essentially about whatever I want.  I forsee lots of cooking and knitting and feminist politics taking up the majority of this space.  But that is the beauty of having your own blog.